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Beautiful Snowy Bucharest in 33 Photos

Posted on February 6th, by Peter Parkorr in Picture Perfect, Romania. 7 comments

I decided to start 2015 the same way I started 2014 – travelling to a new city, and this year also to a new country. My first visit to Bucharest, capital of Romania, coincided with a big dump of snow and a record low temperature for New Year’s Eve. The snow was welcome, the extreme chill not so much! But I’m happy with how my Bucharest photos came out.

I knew very little about Romania or Bucharest before I went, so this was probably the most excited I’d been to travel anywhere for a long time. It felt like the first time I went backpacking again, my blissful ignorance of what may or may not await me adding to the thrill of it. (Note to self: researching before you travel is over-rated.)

Bucharest Snow Photos Romania 2015

Bucharest is a very pretty city, which hopefully you can see from the photos. I’d like to go back and see it without snow too, when it’s warmer and you don’t have to hide from the cold all the time. (It hit a 50-year record low of -21°C for New Year’s Eve, and I got a bit of frostbite in one finger.) I’ll write more about what to see or do in the city in another post, along with my impression of the inhabitants.

For now, in case you’re just wondering if you should visit Bucharest, and how easy it is to discover the city; Yes, you should visit, and it is a very easy city to explore. Since getting back I’ve gathered there are a surprising number of Romanians that are keen to see photos of the capital they once lived in too, so it must be one of those cities people really miss when they move on!

Enjoy plenty of Bucharest photos from my quick trip, with minimal commentary. People using mice can hover over the pictures with it to see a description.

Fabulous clocks

Beautiful old clock bucharest

Decorative clock Bucharest

Bright sunlight and clear blue skies

Snowy Parcul Unirii fountain

blue sky plane vapour trails

Grand streets and beautiful buildings

Romanian Athenaeum Bucharest

National Art Museum Romania Bucharest

Bulevardul Unirii New Years Eve Bucharest

Palatul CEC Palace, CEC Bank, Bucharest

Calea Victoriei Bucharest Snow

Wonderful trees, parks and spaces

Sunlight at Romanian Athaeneum Bucharest

Red budded tree Romania

Gorgeous light and snow in Bucharest Romania

In front of the National Art Museum Bucharest

Ice and snow on evergreen shrub Romania

Incredible knotted tree trunks Bucharest

Kretzulescu Palace in Cismigiu Park, Bucharest

The Old Town

The Old Town Bucharest, Lamp posts and Snow

Bucharest Tour Guide shows how churches were relocated

Bucharest Old Town at Night

Statues, monuments and idols

Vlad The Impaler aka Dracula

Carol 1st Central university Library

Statuia Alergatorii Bucharest Three Men Running Statue

Remus and Wolf Statue Bucharest

And more pretty winter scenes…

CEC Palace glass roof and modern neighbour

Romanian National Art Museum railings, Bucharest

Small figurine weighed down by snow

Romanian Postman Pat's cat is Ginger

More snowy trees in the park

Icicles on a building near my hostel

Strange but pretty snowy tree Bucharest

Big dollops of snow in Gardina Cismigiu

Umbrella Hostel, General Christian Tell street

Did you enjoy my Bucharest photos? Let me know in the comments either way.