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Ten Tips for Travelling to Turkey

Posted on September 12th, by Peter Parkorr in Everywhere, Roaming Resources. 2 comments

Ten Tips for Travelling to Turkey

Turkey is a place where you can kill two birds with one stone. (Excuse the pun.) The country straddles two continents, so a visit to Turkey lets you visit part of Asia and part of Europe, in one vibrant nation with an impressive history.


Be sure to plan ahead of time to make sure you don’t miss any must-do’s in this ancient place, which dates back to the Paleolithic area. Here are 10 things to expect when travelling to the country, so take a look and get those flights to Turkey booked!

1. You might need a Visa. Turkey requires visitors from many places to get a Visa to enter the country. Take a look at your embassy website to double-check. US citizens, UK citizens, Canada, Ireland.

2. Travellers cheques won’t take you far. Most stores don’t accept them, and as banks and post offices are the only places to cash them, your holiday time can be wasted while you wait in line.

3. Istanbul can’t be seen in a day. One of the world’s original cities, along with Athens and Rome, Istanbul is full of history, ancient architecture, spice markets…and modern shopping! Spend at least two or three days here if you can.

4. Expect to haggle. Vendors won’t be offended if you try to get a better price in their Grand Bazaar stalls. They expect it, and the first price they give you is normally higher than the price they will happily sell for.


5. The Blue Mosque is still a place of worship. However, it is mostly frequented for a view of its gorgeous indigo architecture, and tourists are always welcome. Just remember to dress appropriately.

6. “Simits” are the New York pretzel of Istanbul. Make sure you try one of these circular breads covered in sesame seeds!


7. Turkey is full of beach towns. The country borders the Mediterranean and Aegean seas, and small villages along the shore are ideal places to taste local cuisine.

8. Tea and coffee are served in very small cups. Traditional Turkish coffee is about the size of an Italian espresso, and packed full of caffeine.

9. Turkey’s toilets are not always Western-style. While there are plenty of the Western variety around, be prepared to use traditional “squats” as well. Carry coins and toilet paper with you if possible; a lot of the public toilets require payment for entry or toilet paper.

10. Get acquainted with the history. Gallipoli is as a reminder of the sacrifices made during WWI, and you can visit the ruins of famous Troy and many others.


Hopefully this post will help you be ready to explore Turkey, where old meets new, and you can indulge in its rich culture.

Send me a postcard when you get there!

Peter Parkorr

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