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Unmasking a summer of Euro exploration with #MustLoveFestivals!

Posted on June 4th, by Peter Parkorr in Everywhere, Video Adventures. 3 comments

*Drumroll please!!* A grand announcement for you today, about a shiny new blogging project that is going to be delivering reports to you from the coolest and quirkiest festivals happening across Europe this summer…

Please be upstanding forMust Love Festivals, Europe 2014.

MLF PInterest Promo 2

The project – What is Must Love Festivals about?

Together with 15 fellow bloggers, we’ll be bringing you photos, video and stories this summer, from an eclectic mix of festivals that deserve your attention. Working with Expedia, national and regional tourist boards, and other partners, we’ll be telling you about the best festivals in Europe that you haven’t already heard about. Giving you new places to visit, new festivals to experience, and new options for summer breaks!

The places – Where are the Must Love Festivals events happening?

This summer the MLF team is set to travel to 11 European countries, visiting 40 festivals along
the way. This year’s festivals are in Austria, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Malta, Puglia, Rotterdam,
Slovenia, and The Hague.

We’ll also be visiting festivals in Barcelona, Copenhagen, Hamburg, London, Berlin
and Amsterdam in collaboration with our accommodation partners. Which is nice.

The people – Who are the Must Love Festivals bloggers?

The Must Love Festivals crew is a rowdy bunch, with a huge spread of talents and interests. We’ve got writers (who write good) and culture vultures, picture-takers and video-makers, and foodies and muso’s and (bringing up the rear) one or two booty-shakers. You’ll have to decide for yourself which category we each fall into, but here’s all the folk who are involved;

MLF Instagram Promo

Kash, the Budget Traveller, the Luxury Hostels guy, and 100% urban expert. Also the mastermind making MLF happen this summer!

Bethany and Randy, of Beersandbeans fame. Who is the beer fan and who prefers beans? I can never remember, but they are both legends, and multi-talented at that (even if their blog does encourage being drunk and windy).

FrankieThe Bush BirdieThompson, who can’t stay cooped up at home too long, but weaves wonderous words when she does. You may remember her awesomeness from a Monday Meeting earlier!

Michael, aka Mr Turtle from TimeTravelTurtle, asking the key questions to get deep ‘down under’ the shell of great stories, like a proper journo or something.

Ms McCulley, the always Adventurous Kate, just back from a whirlwind year-long round the world trip and ready for more travel! Sleeping when she’s dead à la Bon Jovi, I assume.

Dylan, The Travelling Editor, because those are the things he does, as well as cooking and eating his way around the globe.

Putting the ‘ard in Collard, it’s Sophie from Travel Dorkly. Darkly! I meant Darkly. It’s her train travel site that is dorky.

Stepping out from Inside The Travel Lab (what does go on in there!), it’s surgically sharp Abigail King. Quite the wordsmith!

Surprising no-one by being French and making cool movies, meet Ben & Alex, the Hejorama boys.

Getting (very efficiently) off the beaten festival mud-track is our globetrotting German contingent Sebastian! From

Feverishly muttering as he slowly and miserably apparates out of a fine Yorkshire mist, it’s only Mike Sowden!
*audience gasps* Don’t worry if it all goes wrong for Mike, he wouldn’t want things any other way.

And doing a bloody marvellous job of absolutely everything whatsoever, it’s Victoria and Steve from Bridges and Balloons!

And then… there’s me.

The Peter Parkorr – What am I doing for Must Love Festivals?

Videos! They’re kinda my thing! I’ll be photographing and writing about my festival frivolities of course, but making fun videos from a few of my festivals is why I’m on the team (no pressure…). Subscribe to my Youtube channel here to make sure you don’t miss out on any of these sure-to-be-Oscar-nominated creations;

I’m also powering the official @MustLoveFests twitter account for now too, so fingers crossed for no mistakes of aeronautical proportions! (You definitely just had a nasty visual if you saw that story.) Your feedback, abuse or any other form of ‘engagement’ is invited. No really, I insist.

So now that you’ve been introduced to our exciting project and the MLF team, let me know what you think in the comments and check out the lovely new site of course!

MLF Blog Promo ME 1

I’m looking forward to sharing my festival reports with you; this announcement already comes following my first Must Love Festivals assignment in The Hague!

Follow us on our Twitter, Instagram, Twitter!, Facebook, and Twitter!!, to keep track of all our festival photos and stories.

Without further ado,


Peter Parkorr