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Tuk Tuk Racing at Night in Bangkok, Thailand

Posted on March 22nd, by Peter Parkorr in Picture Perfect, Thailand. 2 comments

Happy Photo Friday! This week saw the worlds first International Day of Happiness, as orchestrated by the UN, and supported by the Happiness 1st Institute and the International Society of Happiness Professionals. Honestly, just hearing of the existence of these organisations brought a smile to my face.

So today’s photograph comes from a memory that always makes me happy, a late night tuk tuk race through the rainy streets of Bangkok back in 2007. On holiday with a group of friends, we filled 3 tuk tuks at 3am in the morning and asked the drivers to take us to a club. They literally raced us across the city, weaving in and out of traffic and revving their engines at lights like the city was their privateĀ drag-strip.

I took a few snaps that were always going to be blurry from being thrown about on the ride, but I love this streaky shot of my fellow racers’ tuk tuk, as we zipped through the cool air in search of a party. Happy days, and happy photo friday!

Tuk Tuk Race Bangkok Thailand

“The pursuit of happiness is a fundamental human goal”

This tuk tuk race photograph was taken on my old trusty Canon IXUS 750, a point and shoot with the Manual setting. Unlike these days, I didnt do any editing before printing my thailand photos, whereas now I spend a lot of time cropping and colour adjusting – often considered a bad habit by purists! Mental note to retreat from ‘the dark side’ soon…

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