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Talking Travel Photography Live on Google Plus

Posted on July 24th, by Peter Parkorr in Everywhere, Roaming Resources. 7 comments

Recently, a few travel bloggers and I made a Youtube video full of great travel photography tips for beginners. Using Google Plus, we recorded a live streaming ‘Hangout On Air’ on the subject of travel photography; what camera to buy, what camera equipment is best for backpacking, and how to take the best photos in different situations.

The view from St Josephs Homstel Hostel on Gozo Malta

One of the first travel photos I took with a DSLR – Dusk over the Mediterranean from my hostel in Gozo, Malta

In this episode of Room For Travel, your hosts are Alexander Koval from, Ash Clark from, Flavio Alagia from, and myself  – Peter Parkorr, from Travel Unmasked.

If you’d like to skip straight to certain travel photography topics in the Hangout, I’ve listed the time we start discussing each topic below, in the summary. Make sure you subscribe to the Room For Travel channel on YouTube to hear more travel advice from us as we discuss round the world travel.

The Summary of what we talk about in the video

00:54 Blogger introductions
01:42 What camera should you use?
01:55? Alex – Pentax K5 and Fuji x1
03:50 Ash – Nikon D90, Nikon Coolpix point&shoot, GoPro, iPhone
04:50 Peter – Panasonic GH2, Sony A380 and Samsung Galaxy S2
06:25 Do you need a professional camera to take good photos?
08:10 Flavio asks: Do better cameras take better pictures?
09:10 Alex on the advantages of paying more for a camera
09:28 There’s more to photography than the camera. An
introduction to photography composition.
09:50 Peter explains what composition is
10:40 Introducing the first basic concept for amateur
photography: Thinking about Light
12:23 Alex explains a typical day as a professional photographer
13:38 Ash talks about why composition is important and how to
improve your travel photographs by thinking about it
16:36 Alex talks about composition and how to position your
camera to get better shots, with some examples from his photos
21:10 Ash introduces the concept of Leading Lines in photography,
with examples from Peter and Ash
25:32 Thinking about one of the golden rules of photography – The
Rule Of Thirds
27:28 Looking after your camera equipment when you travel
27:55 Peter shows his photography accessories and why he uses
29:00 The best cheap photography accessory: a pacsafe anti-theft
30:15 Alex talks about why it is important to have backup equipment
and even a second lens if you plan a big trip
32:35 Ash names his favourite place for cool photography in
34:47 Editing photographs. Ash shares an example
where he removed distracting background colours and converted the
picture to black and white to emphasize the subject
38:15 Alex uses an example to illustrate how focussing on a
single subject can create more powerful photography
39:25 Peter shows an example of the Rule of Thirds
40:18 An example explaining how Depth of Field affects a
41:09 Photo editing software and how to approach editing photos
42:11 Alex asks: How do you decide what you want an edited photo
to look like
43:25 Alex explains how he edits his photographs
45:00 We wrap up, and invite your questions!

A Sicilian Blood Orange from Catania

My example of using Depth of Field to draw the viewers eye in a photo

We’re always ready to hear what you think about our Hangouts On Air, and we’re still working on perfecting them for your viewing pleasure. What would you like to hear us talk about? Was there anything you didn’t like? Leave a comment here or on YouTube and we will read it with interest! Feel free to suggest topics for us to talk about in future Room For Travel Hangouts On Air as well.

I’ve included the photographs that I used as examples in the broadcast here. Other useful articles I’ve written about photography are;


Travel photo with strong Leading Lines from Rome

My example of a photo with very strong Leading Lines