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‘Peter’s World’ Travel Story Awards 2013

Posted on November 28th, by Peter Parkorr in Everywhere, Travel Tales. 11 comments

Earlier this week, I nominated some of my favourite blog posts of 2013 for a HostelWorld Best Travel Story Award. Not quite big-headed enough to choose only from an assortment of my own posts, I think I broke some unspoken rule by actually nominating other people. Read on for the dazzling content I trawled my memory banks for. They will all be appearing again soon on my new ‘Recommended’ page, along with many other things.

I don’t read lots of blogs, but I’m fairly picky about what gets a gold star, so this should all pass muster. Here are the Peter’s World Best Travel Story Awards, as asked for by HostelWorld    ;)

  1. Storyteller of the year award: A blog you’ve loved in 2013 because of its consistently great stories told by a fantastic blogger personality. Nominate wisely! This is the only award category for a blog on its own; by Abi King.
    Always absorbing with such beautiful words. It was Abi’s take on South African poetry that wowed me most recently.
  2. Most inspiring story award: A post you think is inspiring. Eg: a personal achievement story or a ‘how to’ guide – anything that successfully encourages readers to travel or make a change;
    The ever enjoyable and thought-provoking journey of Victoria and Steve – if you cut them in half you’ll find the words ‘a path less trodden’ written right through them.


    Mate Above San Lorenzo by Bridges and Balloons

  3. Best photo essay award: A photo post that captures a destination or travel theme in a beautiful, inspiring, challenging, interesting or innovative way;
    Great reportage and stunning photos by Dustin Main, showcased well by a site geared to show them off. Also see his latest post of a performer eating fire and jumping through hoops of knives in Siem Reap. Really good!
  4. Best travel video award: A video that tells a great story, whether it focusses on a destination, full trip or a particular travel theme;
    A lesser known video from me (well more of a vlog but I had to nominate myself for video!) with a little teamwork from Kirsten Alana and Flora Baker. I think it captures the spontaneity of travel, the fun of being in good company, with glorious colours as a nice surprise from Scotland too.
  5. Best positive impact story award: A post that shows how to contribute positively to the world while travelling; whether to communities, individuals or the environment;
    A conscientious traveller, Shannon is leading very much by example (and blogging really well!).
  6. Best food story award: A post that makes readers’ mouths water most by showcasing a meal, cuisine or food theme;
    Despite being a sponsored piece, the journalism here is so robust that I kept on reading, and learnt plenty about local foods and their rooibus tea (which I drink occasionally). A brilliant advert by Ishay for what seems a worthwhile place to visit, and manages to be a great ‘food story’ with only 1 food pic.
  7. Funniest story award: A post telling a story that’s made you laugh this year;
    If Dan doesn’t make you laugh, see a doctor, you may have died.

    Egypt Go F Yourself by Ash Clark

    Ballsy and personal reporting by Ash Clark

  8. Best travel debate award: A post putting forth a strong opinion from a passionate and convincing point of view that invites debate;
    Aside from the risky title, an incredibly difficult topic from Ash but very worthy of being written about. Good job.
  9. Most original story award: A post that shows a destination or aspect of travel from a new, different or unexplored point of view;
    Flora gets under the skin of whether one of the holy grails of Latin American travel is tacky debauchery or a worthwhile encounter.
  10. Best adventure story award: A post that brings an adventure to life – either an epic trip or an extreme or out-of-the-ordinary event that happened while travelling;
    Real travel. A real adventure. I could also have nominated Larissa‘s partner-in-crime Nate for the trip too. Outstanding stuff.
Mean streets of Tbilisi TheBlondeGypsy

‘Mean streets of Tbilisi’ on theblondegypsy’s Instagram

There were several great bloggers that narrowly missed out, particularly in the story, photography and food NOM-inations. Find them all in my Recommended page, arriving in the near future! Mental note to self, I need to read all these folks more often, they’re working their little arses off.