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Dear Subscribers, This One Is For You

Posted on July 18th, by Peter Parkorr in Everywhere. 4 comments

Dear lovely Travel Unmasked subscribers!

Welcome back, and a note of thanks.

Before I explain what I mean by ‘welcome back’, a quick thank you from here in Sicily. A thank you for letting little old me into that most private of virtual places, your personal inbox. For allowing me to send you my stories, photos and videos – from Europe, from Asia, and from the lands Down Under soon as well;

Thanks! I have more great travel stuff on the way for you, but before that…

Welcome Back!

You may not have noticed, but because of a few behind-the-scenes changes to my website earlier this summer, my email subscription list went AWOL for a few weeks. Thankfully, my new hosts worked a little bit of magic, and hey presto – you are all back on the travel gravy-train, probably without noticing the slight break in transmission.

More Great Travel Stuff…

Happily, the radio silence coincided with me writing a few articles for other internet outlets, and so you didn’t miss much here on the blog itself. I will be publishing ‘sign posts’ to help you see my most interesting pieces elsewhere on the web; photos of a Tibetan monastery in India, a week touring Tuscany, my latest travel videos, and the rest.

And More Great Travel.

In April I visited three of India’s great cities in three separate states. May saw me in four different regions of Italy, and June/July are shaping up to be just as hectic. Every form of digital memory I own is straining under the amount of data I’ve collected, not to mention the 10+ countries I’m yet to show you from 2012.

With Great Mobility, Comes Great Unpredictability

Big changes are afoot for both me and for Travel Unmasked. Thanks to that new website hosting I mentioned, the site now looks…. exactly the same as before, but it loads a lot faster! Try it out to see what I mean. The look and organisation of the site will soon be changing considerably too, so I’d love your feedback when that happens. In the meantime, I am making travel plans that will take me away from my beloved Europe – over to the intriguing but wrong-way-up worlds of Australia and New Zealand.

I hope you keep enjoying the content and the changes that are on the way at Travel Unmasked. I really enjoy having you along for the ride.

Visiting your inbox again soon,

Peter Parkorr

Eye of the beholder. Mt Etna, 2012.

Eye of the beholder. Mt Etna, 2012.