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Season’s Best from Travel Unmasked! ‘Happy Christmas’ in Travel Photos from 2013

Posted on December 25th, by Peter Parkorr in Everywhere, Picture Perfect. 6 comments

Tis the season to be merry, and I decided to wish you Happy Christmas in travel photos from places I visited in the last 12 months!


H is for Hamburg, where the cultivated shapes and new developments at Hafencity put me in mind of an architects model. With some fluke Christmas trees too!

Round the world travel photos Christmas-14


A is for Amsterdam and all the red lights, which I’m sure would make Santa happy. (Oo-er.)

Round the world travel photos Christmas-9


P is for Paris, popular all year-long but would be a particular eye-full in a white Christmas.

The Eiffel Tower Paris-5


The second P is for Piran, a charming port town in the north of Croatia, with great views from above.

Round the world travel photos Christmas-5


Y is for the Yorkshire Dales! Made all the more enjoyable by family and some little scamps.

Round the world travel photos Christmas-8


C is for Catania, a place I’d happily revisit any time of year, to see friends and enjoy the relaxed pace of life. Perfect for any holiday, and incredible edibles…

Round the world travel photos Christmas-6


This H is for Hyderabad, and a shot of the wonderfully festive lighting from Ramoji Film City (the largest film complex in the world) once the sun goes down.

Round the world travel photos Christmas-3


R is for Roma! I spent quite some time here this year and enjoyed a great early morning tour of the Vatican with Walks of Italy.

Round the world travel photos Christmas-4


I is for Inishowen, and other parts of Ireland too. The wild peninsula of Inishowen would be the ideal setting for a film scene from Iain Banks’ The Wasp Factory – the gory violence of teenager versus crazed rabbit on a barren heath, for those who’ve read it.

Round the world travel photos Christmas-12


S is for Scotland, which I saw lots of parts of through the year. This shot taken in West Kilbride, over the golfers with the Isle of Arran in the background.

Round the world travel photos Christmas-10


T is for Tamil Nadu, the most South-Easternly state of India, where I loved exploring the small neighbourhoods of Chennai and catching up with a good friend from an earlier trip.

Round the world travel photos Christmas-2


M is for Mitte, my favourite area of Berlin, which I’ve discovered largely by accident on several trips to the city this year. The famous Brandenburg Gate caught in a bubble here.

Round the world travel photos Christmas-7


A is for Aurangabad and the Ajanta Caves Complex in the state of Maharashtra, India. Nearly 2000 years old, these caves were forgotten and rediscovered only in the 19th Century by an English toff out hunting Tigers.

Round the world travel photos Christmas-1


And S is for Sligo, Ireland, which managed to impress me hugely even though I’ve been there many times before. Keen to head back there soon.

Round the world travel photos Christmas-11

Hope you have a great holiday season wherever it finds you!

Stay ‘Elfy, or Panda-and-Dragony in my case.

Round the world travel photos Christmas-13


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