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Handmade Italian Pasta – Fresh Tortellone from Bologna

Posted on May 17th, by Peter Parkorr in Italy, Picture Perfect. 2 comments

Happy Photo Friday! The first thing to appear on the site from my recent time in Bologna is…  Pasta!

I had my first attempt at handmade Italian pasta with expert instruction for making my own Tortellone (big tortelli) and Tortellini (little tortelli) from sfoligna Luisa. A ‘sfoglina’ is to pasta what a master baker is to bread, so I learnt the basics from her quickly. Tortellini are similar to Capoletti but it’s important to the locals there that you know there is a difference, because of pasta rivalry with other nearby towns!

Fresh Handmade Pasta Tortellone Tortellini

Sfoligna Luisa makes all the pasta for Cantina Bentivoglio (a Ristorante, Enoteca & Osteria) fresh and by hand. I have lots more to post on Bologna, and fresh handmade Italian pasta, but today just a close up photograph of one of the Tortellone made by yours truly.

This photograph is from a week I spent in and around Bologna for the #blogville social media campaign, arranged by Emilia Romagna Tourism. I also took the time to ask as many questions as possible about the famous British / American dish known as Spaghetti Bolognese. It doesn’t exist for the record!! Stay tuned to find out what’s real and how the Italian’s eat ‘bolognese’.

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