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A Taste Of Italy – Handmade Italian Pasta and Fresh Pizza Video

Posted on July 22nd, by Peter Parkorr in Italy, Video Adventures. 4 comments

While I was in Rome at the end of May, I decided to spend the best part of 36 hours straight making a short video showing some of the great food experiences I’d been having in Italy. So here is my video of handmade Italian pasta and fresh pizza that I hope look good enough to eat.

Featuring the expert pasta maker Sfoglina Luisa of Bologna making fresh pasta by hand, fellow tourists making their own pizzas on a food tour of Campo di Fiori in Rome, and some scenes from the lovely towns of Piacenza and Bobbio in Emilia Romagna. Watch it in HD for best results!

Sfoglina Luisa first made a big sheet of fresh pasta, and then used it to make Tortellone, Tortellini and Tagliatelle in front of television crews at the launch of #blogville 2013. The homemade italian pizzas were the culmination of a great food tour of Rome from Walks of Italy, whom I highly recommend!

The video was for a travel competition yet again (which I always end up rushing), and they were really looking for people to present to the camera. Without time to do any new filming, I compromised with a voice-over. The audio levels are not perfect as it can sometimes be challenging to edit video on the road. But I hope you enjoy watching the video of making fresh pasta by hand and other italian foods anyway!


Expert pasta maker from Bologna, Sfoglina Luisa

Expert pasta maker from Bologna, Sfoglina Luisa

The handmade Italian pasta and other scenes were all shot on my trusty Panasonic GH2, you can find more details about the lenses and music I used in the video in the youtube description.