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Twelve Top Posts from 2012

Posted on January 27th, by Peter Parkorr in Everywhere, Travel Tales. 4 comments

I wasn’t going to do a 2012 roundup of posts, as Travel Unmasked only got going in September last year. However when Jennifer from Jdomb’s Travels nominated me from her round-up, it seemed simple enough. With a lack of post fodder to choose from on this site, some links will take you to my original blog, Shock And Orr, wherein my life is an experiment in progress. (Still true.)

1. Most Popular Post

Heading to Scotland for Hogmanay, Haggis and Highland Hijinks!
I don’t know how this became my most popular post, it was only published in late December. I’m not complaining though.
In other news, you can also see my ‘most successful‘ tweet below, called ‘Friendly Toilet Advice‘ – one of those puzzling occurrences, but that’s the internet for you. Barely a Like on Instagram, but 21 retweets that day on Twitter.

2. Most Helpful Travel Tip

Backpackers, Rovaniemi, Finland


Five great ways to travel for free
This post about the different ways you can travel long-term with a tiny budget went down well with bloggers not of the travel persuasion. It’s always surprising how many people have never heard of these options!



3. Surprisingly Successful

Life Is Good - in colour


1000th tweet, Life Is Good.

Such a simple post, but well received, maybe because people like happy messages. Six photo’s, each summarising a reason life is good (Shock And Orr blog).



 4. Most Underrated


On Reading as a Mind Altering Substance, Inspiration, and Murakami
Ah, is it under-rated? Is it madness? It’s quite wordy, but that’s to be expected on a blog occasionally. With excerpts from Murakami’s ‘Kafka On The Shore’, and careening through topics including writers, auto-hypnosis, sci-fi, David Bowie and a delicate turn of phrase, I couldn’t (and probably wouldn’t) write it again (on Shock And Orr).





5. Most Controversial

twitter birds


3000th Tweet: Twitter Do’s and Don’ts
This post has yet to attract any real criticism, but I know a lot of tweeters who would strongly disagree. Goes down well with people new to tweeting for its points of reference. A last bonus point about Selfies on Instagram. You know who you are.



6. Most Amusing

Stop Stealing My Business Ideas
Where I explain how Facebook, Innocent Smoothies, World Book Night, Zazzle and others stole my intellectual property, and finish with a serious point about innovation and entrepreneurship.

Idea man photo

7. I’m Most Proud Of
Yoten Yotei Charity Film Night
‘Proud’. It’s such a strong word. I don’t think there’s any one post I’m really proud of on my blogs yet, other than being a little proud of them all collectively. This is a link to the last thing I’m proud of doing. Back in 2011, after the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami of March 11th, I decided to organise a film competition in the Japanese ski resort I was living in. The aim was to raise funds for the the Japanese Red Cross, and it did pretty well. From conception to completion in 11 days, we raised ¥111,000 (Ok, only about £800 at the time) and promoted a few other local charity efforts on the night. Most of the ‘foreign locals’ working in the resort donated as many of our warm clothes to the relief effort as possible too, although many gaijin didn’t stick around long when the nuclear reactor at Fukushima started getting wobbly. Photo’s from local photographer Glen, also one of the judges for the night.
Yoten Yotei Charity Film Night - NAC - 2011 March 22nd - Glen Claydon - Niseko

8. Best Travel Story / Perspective
Antony Vassulo, Wax Artist of Gozo

Unsung Heroes – The Artwork of Antony Vassulo

I love this post because I loved finding the subject, and taking the time to speak to him. Brilliant. It’s also the most journalistic human interest post I have done so far, but I’ve got more of these coming.



9. Best Travel Adventure

Life Is One Big AdventureQuickest Travel Video Competition in the World Ever, Maybe.
One of my first travel videos, made in an incredibly short space of time. This shows a few of the many adventures I am yet to write about on my blog! However, it also shows more of me than I would usually want, so it’s quite embarassing and I’ll be making a new improved version when I can.




10. Cultural Insight / Perspective
Indulgence (and Incredible India)
A bit of a heavy post in response to a weekly photo challenge, but some of my favourite shots from India, asking where we derive our values from and whether they are justified (on Shock And Orr blog).
indian lady manual labourers verkala kerala

11. Most Beautiful

Beautiful Resplendent Assisi: City of Peace
A really easy place to take wonderful photo’s because it’s just so damn photogenic. This post was nearly called ‘Don’t Judge a Holiday Destination by its Cover Story’. Seriously considered relocating here for a few months! Especially when you take into account the ‘hidden’ Assisi that I stumbled across.

Assisi Hillside Houses

12. Best Photo / Photo Gallery

Contrast (and Catania’s Pescheria)
A set of pictures capturing some great expressions from Sicilian locals working at the fish market. Not the finest photography per se, but importantly still enjoyable to look at and got great feedback from my Italian friends (on Shock And Orr blog).

Catania Pescheria Herb Seller Bartering Customer

So all that’s left is to nominate five of my own favourite bloggers! But as most people already have their 12 Best Posts equivalent up, here are five 2012 roundup posts already online that I enjoyed;


Let’s see what the rest of 2013 brings, it’s been good to me so far…
Peter Parkorr