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Get Into The Christmas Spirits With These Alcohol Gift Ideas

Posted on December 16th, by Peter Parkorr in Food & Drink. 1 Comment

It’s officially Christmas and the highlight of this time of year is spending it with loved ones, while enjoying a few traditional treats. Whether you actually celebrate Christmas or an alternative religious celebration around this time of year, there is usually a common theme among them. Being generous with your food, your home, and your gifts to others!

I thought I would put together a few cheeky ideas to help your taste buds travel the world this Christmas, and to help you share the flavour of your favourite destinations with family and friends.

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£50 Voucher Giveaway from 31Dover

In the spirit of being generous, I have a £50 voucher giveaway to help you enjoy some of my suggestions from the kind folk at – cheers guys! You could be in for a Christmas treat if you have a UK delivery address and enter the giveaway through the form below. 31Dover are also giving you a 10% discount on orders placed before the 31st December 2015 when you use the discount code ’31DPETER’.


31dover Discount Code Christmas Giveaway Travel Unmasked

To keep my bones warm this winter, I’ve picked myself a bottle of Fair Rum to enjoy. Why? Well, Fair use ethically sourced sugar cane from Belize to create the molasses for this Rum (hence the brand name ‘Fair’, the rest of their spirits are made using ethically sourced ingredients too). They then distill the liquor in Cognac, France before it is aged for 5 years in used Bourbon casks. This gives the Rum a very smooth taste with dark chocolate notes, and delicate hints of spice and tangerine. Sounds exactly like a Christmas drink to me! (And well-travelled too.)

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With £50 to spend on the site, I also had enough spare change for a delicious bottle of Aperol, so I can now replicate my favourite Italian aperitivo at home. It’s as simple as 3, 2, 1 you know…


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Entering the competition is easy, just a couple of clicks, and the more options you click, the more chances you get to win;

a Rafflecopter giveaway

At risk of being responsible for you having a few too many drinks this Christmas, here’s a few other ideas for how you can liven things up over the festive season with some cheeky 31Dover tipples from around the world.

More travel inspired Christmas Spirits

Flaming pig and shot glass
Make Everything Irish (And Spicy)

The Irish love their cooked hams, something we all look forward to in my house on Christmas day. (And a cooked ham is by far the best meat for making Christmas-leftover sandwiches in my opinion!) Usually we boil the ham in cider and apple juice. Maybe this spiced irish liquor (made from Whiskey and spices) could also liven things up in the pot, but I recommend eating the ham first and applying the Flaming Pig to your stomach afterwards, in a coffee or hot chocolate. 

copperhead & wine glass
Improving A British Classic – Fancy Gin & Tonic

Take your G&T’s to the next level with this Copperhead Gin set that includes 3 types of bitters to experiment with. Called the Alchemist Gift Pack, this gin is named after a real alchemist who created it while he was searching for the ‘elixir of life’.


Skaken Cocktail Set

The Best Cocktail You’ve Ever Made (For Yourself)

This Shaken set of intriguing bottles is sure to be a hit when you mix yourself the Hollywood inspired ‘Blood and Sand’, and the Piccadilly Sling is an English take on the classic Singapore Sling. Compliment with the cocktail set to make them in!


Bitter Truth Gift Box
The Perfect Gift For A Travelling Mixologist

You may be getting the picture that Bitters are a cocktail maker’s best friend. Yep! For anyone who’s serious about mixing the best cocktails, this traveller’s set will cover all the flavour bases and is easy to take on the road too.


johnnie_walker_gold_1_1 - MAP
Wise Men Think Gold At Christmas

A limited edition golden bottle of Johnnie Walker with an embossed map shouts Travel and also harks back to gifts from the three wise men on the night of the very first Christmas. I just hope you’re not too Incense-d at my dodgy hu-Myrrh…


Two-Birds-After-Dinner-Mint - IMAGE
Upgrade The After Eights

A box of After Eight chocolate mints is never far away in my house at Christmas, but if you want to keep the grown-ups a bit more lively after food this year, try serving this tasty Mint Vodka version instead. The Eastern Bloc meets British dinner party!


Sebor Absinth
Satisfy Your Inner Artist

Known as Vincent Van Gogh’s drink of choice, it may have been the hallucinogenic effect of the wormwood in Absinthe that gave him visions and led to him cutting his own ear off. This Czech Sebor Absinth has the highest amount of wormwood legally allowed in the UK, so while it’s unlikely to send you loopy, it might make the Queen’s Speech a lot more interesting.


And also in the spirit of Christmas…

Fun ideas aside, Christmas isn’t always an easy time for everyone, especially for people without warm food and shelter in the colder months. If you’ve got any pennies to spare, consider making a donation to the Disasters Emergency Committee that will help war- and weather-stricken refugees get through the winter months. Or for charities closer to home, make a donation to Crisis, Shelter or even just your local foodbank.

So I hope you can be generous this year, that some delicious spirits keep you warm, and that you have good luck in the voucher giveaway!