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A Little Something From Italy That Will Make Your Mouth Water

Posted on February 16th, by Peter Parkorr in Italy, Video Adventures. 13 comments

Deep in the heart of Puglia, there is a secret orgy that takes place. Despite thousands of people taking part, the world is mostly unaware of what goes on each summer, in the warm little town of Maglie, Puglia.

People of all ages arrive in droves for a week-long event, where they ravenously descend upon the most succulent and ripe offerings, from cunning merchants who spend all year making sure they have only the finest temptations to share.

Never have you seen such luxurious and delicate oils, poured over such subtly dressed delights.

Skillful hands are busy, caressing and manipulating perfect forms into supple submission.

No ounce of flesh is spared.

Gasps of excitement punctuate the air.

Moans of appreciation encourage the provider of each pleasure.

Not a morsel is missed.

Smiles are full, when mouths are not.

But the rhythmic balance of give and take is gentle, and not excessive.

Everyone takes their time. This is Italy, where people love to languish in the moment.

Did I mention it was a family affair?

I’m talking about Mercatino del Gusto, a festival that celebrates the best produce of Puglia, from wine and olive oil to pizza, pasta, meats and cheeses, street food, ice cream and anything else you’d care to think of.

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Here is my video of this saliva-inducing food orgy so you can see what the festival is like for yourself.