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Pure Inspiration on Film: The Road to Free Rider

Posted on January 10th, by Peter Parkorr in North America, Video Adventures. 1 Comment

For anyone in need of a large dose of pure inspiration, here it is. Road to Free Rider is a great video made by Oli Lyon and Nathan Murphy, a couple of young climbers. But almost as interesting as the extreme sport is Oli’s intro to the film. It will certainly resonate with a lot of people who make daily sacrifices to be able to do something different or something that they love.

Oli Lyon Nathan Murphy Road To Free Rider Movie-1

“People always ask me how can I afford such a glamorous lifestyle? Well, it’s pretty simple, it’s not glamorous. Sleeping on the ground, living in a van… but you just work hard for short periods of time so then you can go away for longer, you know.

There’s no savings, there’s no security or anything, but it’s a really good life, really fun to travel around the world and stuff.

This lifestyle, it’s not for everyone, but it’s definitely fun and it means travelling for at least 6 months of the year – well, the whole year. 6 months on trips, the other 6 months working, trips in between, and for me… it just makes sense.

I don’t wanna be stuck in one place or doing anything but you know it’s got it’s drawbacks as well. You don’t stay in one place so you can’t get a house, don’t have a room, can’t keep a girlfriend…

Now if you’re 18, just get out and do it. You’re young, have a few years off, who knows what they wanna do when they’re young. Just get out there and do what you want to do, and just be safe about it.”

I’ve written out the words here, but do him the courtesy of listening to him say it at the start of the film, and watch the rest to understand why he chooses to live like this. The movie is an insight into the world of traditional climbing, and shows incredible views of California’s Yosemite National Park, as Oli and Nathan continue upwards on their 4-day climb of Free Rider on El Capitan.

A very enviable adventure, and I love the honesty of the film too.

So get out there, do what you want, and be safe about it.  ;)


 Image credit goes to Nathan and Oli, taken from a still in the movie and re-edited by me.