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The Magic of Technology, and Why I Love Blogging

Posted on January 2nd, by Peter Parkorr in Picture Perfect, Spain. 1 Comment

Keeping it short and sweet today – New Year, new style. More often, less is more, more or less.

Just wanted to show you how incredible technology can be as a traveller, or for anyone who is perma-curious.

Look at this little exchange of information and niceties between myself, Serena Puosi (currently in Italy I think? To be confirmed…) and Jodi SchmEttenberg*, who is mid-flight somewhere between Canada and Vietnam!

The word Epic seems fitting.

First there was this picture on Instagram by Serena, from Hue in Vietnam;

serenapuosi instagram hue vietnam

Then came the commenting;

peterparkorr Are you going to Saigon, Serena?
serenapuosi @peterparkorr already been last week! Are u there now?
peterparkorr No, never been! (Yet) Was going to suggest you meet @legalnomads! :)
serenapuosi @peterparkorr lovely place Saigon! I can join you when you go and meet @legalnomads :)
peterparkorr Haha, I really really really should :)
peterparkorr Also, Hue, is this where Bun Bo Hue comes from?
serenapuosi I don’t know what Bun Bo Hue is…
peterparkorr Calling @legalnomads – urgent education required please! Jodi may actually be on a plane to Saigon at the mo tho, ha.
serenapuosi @peterparkorr yes I really need eduction!
legalnomads @peterparkorr @serenapuosi Jodi is on a plane now. Yes bun bo hue is a lemongrass beef soup, spicy, from Hue in central Vietnam.
legalnomads @serenapuosi I’ll be there in a few days and am doing street food walks if you are interested! Happy to feed you :) info is at Safe travels!
peterparkorr @legalnomads well with that description I’d love to hop a plane too! #hungersome
legalnomads @peterparkorr people compare it to pho but it is so different! No lemongrass in pho. Noodles here are round rice noodles, in pho they are flat. Etc. But both are really great. There’s a fab bun bo hue place near my apt in Saigon; a bowl is 1.15$.
peterparkorr … :)
And the conversation continues.

Isn’t that pretty magical?

(Yes, it is.)

That’s why I love blogging.

It has connected me to hundreds of incredible people, full of entrepreneurial flair and joie de vivre. People who are putting themselves out there, on-the-line and offline, believing in what they can achieve, for the good of themselves and others. And even though I am very much not in love with blogging as a healthy fulfilling lifestyle (more on this highly contentious topic another day, but see what Dave just wrote actually), whatever it is I’m doing continues to educate me and to open wonderful new doors.

For today, THAT IS ALL.

Much love from Bilbao in northern Spain, which is turning out to be a solid gold gem in my humble opinion, reminiscent of my first visit to Prague in 2004 (but better, kinda?)

Fave quick pic so far, from the smartphone.

Basque Pintxos Bilbao Spain

Love At First Bite. Pintxos, like Basque tapas, for lunch in Bilbao.

Pedro Jamón Parkorr

*I’m just trying to confound Google with this variant of Jodi’s name. How are you gonna update your big algorithm to deal with my wordplay now, huh Le Goog? Huh, Seth, huh!?