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A Journey Through Maharashtra On The Deccan Odyssey Luxury Train

Posted on April 18th, by Peter Parkorr in India, Video Adventures. 1 Comment

India, India, India. It can be intimidating, but it can also be so inviting. Here is an example of the friendly India I love and will go back to time and again… my latest video showing a week-long tour through Maharashtra, aboard the Deccan Odyssey luxury train.

Named after the Deccan Plain that it crosses, the tour starts in Mumbai, takes in World Heritage sites like Ajanta  and Ellora (which are right up there with – and probably a darn sight better than – the Taj Mahal and others) as well as visiting Goa and a host of other items. I’ve listed a description of the scenes in the video below it.

The Deccan Odyssey luxury train tour of Maharashtra:

Here are descriptions of most of the scenes in the video, and if you head over to the video on Youtube the timestamps can be clicked to take you directly to that point in the film.

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A full itinerary of the current tours is available online here: Deccan Odyssey Tour Details


00:03 The Deccan Odyssey curves along the Deccan Plain on Day 5 of the tour after visiting Kohlapur
00:16 Indian ladies at the Sahakari spice farm welcome our group with music and dancing
00:23 Looking out of my cabin window in the Ratnagiri carriage
00:30 The Deccan Plains
00:43 Being welcomed into one of the two restaurant cars
00:47 Shots in the Bar car of the Deccan Odyssey
00:57 The outskirts of Mumbai along the train tracks on day 1, and through the window of the restaurant car
01:02 The train pulling into Daulatabad station
Scenes from the Ajanta caves complex;
01:10 Ajanta as seen from the high lookout point
01:15 The caves at the end of the complex
01:19 Looking along the Ajanta caves towards the entrance and then the high lookout point across the dried river bed
01:29 Performers dance on arrival at Daulatabad station
01:32 An example of traditional Pupari folk dancing in Kohlapur
01:40 Drummers welcome the tour to the MTDC Tarkarli hotel on Day 2 of the tour after visiting Sindhudurg
01:44 A group of Indian teenagers celebrate Holi in Kohlapur’s town centre
Scenes from Ellora;
01:50 A view inside one of the largest and most complex temples at Ellora, Kailashnatha, also known as Cave 16, made to recall the abode of Lord Shiva, Mount Kailash.
01:58 Above Cave 16 and showing some of the detailed stone carvings
02:05 Inside Cave 10, the most famous Buddhist cave, from approximately 700 A.D.
02:13 Blessings and flowers on arrival to Sindhudurg, Day 2
02:17 Flowers and greetings on arrival to Daulatabad, Day 6
02:24 Music and performance at the Tarkarli hotel, Day 2
02:29 Kohlapuri martial artists in the town centre, Day 5
02:33 Musicians onboard the Deccan Odyssey play traditional instruments; drums, sitar and a type of flute
02:46 Wild monkeys in the grounds of Ellora
02:51 Working elephants at the Sahakari spice farm
02:57 Sea birds flying alondside taxi boats visiting the Sindhudurg fort on Day 2
03:06 Fruit and veg at the Panjim market in Goa
03:10 Eating traditional South Indian Thalli onboard the Deccan Odyssey
03:16 Head chef Ritesh with some of his chef’s
03:24 Enjoying sunset on the coast during an afternoon at the Taj Exotica beach hotel on Day 3
03:27 One of the massage rooms in the Deccan’s spa
03:30 Watching the sun set from my private twin cabin
03:37 The managers and staff of the Deccan Odyssey being interviewed and talking with guests
04:11 Ganga the elephant’s eye, from Sahakari spice farm
04:24 A burning offering of flowers and incense at Panchawati Ghat, Nashik.

Filmed (April 2013) and Edited by Peter Parkorr.
Music by Veena Kinhal – ‘Haratanaya Sree

Shot using the Panasonic GH2, 14-140mm Panasonic video zoom lens, 14mm Panasonic F2.5 pancake lens, and 50mm Canon FD F1.4 lens. Edited with Adobe Premiere CS6 and MagicBullet Looks.

This film was created in partnership with the Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (owners of the Deccan Odyssey luxury train) and made possible with support from the Indian Tourist Office in London. Thanks to MTDC, the Indian Tourist Office and the Taj Hotels Group who manage the train operations.