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Canned Candids: Friendly faces from Triplicane, Chennai

Posted on June 21st, by Peter Parkorr in India, Picture Perfect. 12 comments

I spent a few days in Chennai on my recent trip to India, and really enjoyed staying in the Triplicane district. Not wanting to do much touristy stuff, I was quite happy getting some work done in my hotel, and then take little wanders about the nearby streets during the mornings or evenings to get some good pictures of the Triplicane locals.

Indian beggar wheelchair gold rimmed glasses


Triplicane Guesthouse Keys to Paradise Unlocking Freedom

April is very hot in Chennai (35°C/95°F+) and is a tourism low-season, so that meant I was easily spotted wherever I went. The candid photographs of Indian people on the streets were not going to present themselves easily. I was about as inconspicuous as a White Rhino browsing your local supermarket.

Anyway, I spent a couple of evenings trying to get pictures of people living on the streets. I didn’t come away with many candid shots, but I did get some great pictures of Indian kids putting lots of effort into their posing by the roadside.

Chennai Triplicane happy indian kids posing for photo

Happy South Indian children in Triplicane, Chennai

Chennai Triplicane indian kids living on the street

A young Indian boy who’s family live in the streets of Triplicane

You can see from my pictures that South Indian people, especially those in Tamil Nadu, generally have darker skin than North Indians. I also took plenty of video while I was snapping these guys, which I look forward to sharing soon. If you want to see them as soon as they upload, make sure you’ve subscribed to my YouTube channel.


  • Digging the pics my friend, but what’s up with the first couple being so small?

    35c is too hot of a temperature. Brave man.

    • Thanks man. I managed to only get sunburnt once, but it was a thorough cooking when it happened!

      The 1st shots are instagrams so they embed at that size. Site is throwing me a few issues lately so i just wanted something to go up! :)

  • I just got home from India 2 days ago! What a crazy place. For some reason I barely took my camera out on this trip. Now that I see your photos I regret it! Gorgeous shots!

    • Thanks Alexandra! India can definitely be overwhelming, I loved not having my camera at points too, but so many incredible things to capture everywhere. I’ll definitely be going back again, sometime!

  • Love the photos! Chennai looks and sounds like an interesting place. Would love to spend sometime wandering the streets.

    • Oh you guys would love it there. It can be a bit of a shock first time, but there are a thousand stories waiting to be told in every Indian city… :) Glad you liked the pics!

  • Lovely shots even if the kids are posing. I bet you made their day taking their photos! I’d love to explore India someday.

  • Beautifully taken pictures. My husband’s from Triplicane, and I’ve always enjoyed my stay there! Very lively, narrow streets! Did you visit the famous Parthasarathy Temple there? Or took a plunge in the dirty Marina beach??

    • Hey Anu! :) I did get told that tip but didn’t make it there in the end. I think I chose to visit Mamallapuram / Mahabalipuram for a day instead, as there was a fair amount of debate between the locals I spoke to and a frenchman who had been living in India for some years as to whether that temple was worth the cross-city trek!

      • Oh..that’s fair enough Peter! If it comes to Parthasarathy Vs Mamallapuram, I’d vote for Mamallapuram for sure :)

  • These are great photos, Peter. Love the faces and poses of those kids.