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The Most Romantic Place I’ve Ever Been – St Andrews, Scotland

Posted on February 22nd, by Peter Parkorr in Britain, Scotland, Video Adventures. 16 comments

I’ve been to my fair share of romantic places. From wandering the cobbled streets of Paris, to hot chocolate at sunset on the top of California’s Big Sur, and drinking Champagne cocktails on the 35th floor of a quiet candle lit bar in Tokyo. Still, I’ve never really felt the location was anything more than just a backdrop to the company. No place alone has ever stirred me to feel romantic.

Of course I’ve been amazed by experiences and sights, mostly from the great outdoors when I think back. Sitting high on a peak after a long climb in the sun, or seeing hundreds of cherry trees blossoming in Korea.

Traveldudes Melvin with pink roses in Scotland

Melvin also felt some Deep Scottish Love

But there was something about St Andrews. Maybe it was the gentle northern sunshine, the pretty shapes of the coast, or the quaint Scottish terraces. It was almost certainly to do with the incredible purples and oranges of the sunrise… and it came in the middle of a great trip, with a bunch of people I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with.

Alexander House, Scotland

A half-group shot near Gleneagles

I can’t do the feeling St Andrews gave me any justice though. I felt like writing poetry, or heaven forbid, singing (out loud). I wanted to sit down and create something artistic that recorded forever how incredibly warm St Andrews made me feel. The weather was kind, especially for Scotland in January, and the fresh breeze from the sea was full of energy. The whole town is friendly, and they have more than their fair share of good restaurants. I’m no golfer, but walking the Old Course links looking out at the North Sea and West Sands was satisfying. The mornings were so fresh, and the evenings so cosy.

fairmont room with a view st andrews

A very cosy room with a view, at The Fairmont

Nevertheless, trying to put my finger on what gave St Andrews the romantic x-factor has got me stumped. If you can compare a town to food… St Andrews would be the Oyster of Scotland. Delicate, tantalising, and undeniably aphrodisiac.

Here’s my video from St Andrews in an attempt to capture some of the feeling (best watched in HD), but don’t really expect me to portray what it was like, when I can’t even put it down in words…  Definitely the most romantic place I’ve ever been. What’s yours?

Peter Parkorr

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  • Great post, Peter! Brought back really good memories, and the video was lovely!

    • Thanks Julie, I loved going back through all the footage while I was editing it, some real funny bits :)

  • With sunrises like that, I can totally understand why you all loved St. Andrews!

    • You shoulda been there Amanda! Still, I’m sure Belize was ‘Ok’…

  • Gosh, thank you Peter, we’re flattered! We love our town and it’s so nice to know that others fall in love here, too.

    Best wishes from Patrick at Visit St Andrews!

    (PS for those that haven’t been lucky enough to visit St Andrews, our new website at might help paint the picture).

    • Thanks Patrick! It was so nice. I’ve updated the article to link to your new site, didn’t know you’d gone live, it’s looking great! :)

  • It’s no wonder you loved it with stunning scenery like that!

  • The puppy is amazing!!!!!!!! :)

    • Tiny little thing but full of energy – it was her first time at the beach! :D

  • Great compilation peter :-) St.Andrews #blogmanay trip was just great & thanks to everyone to make it so special. The best sunrise ever!!!

    • It was pretty special Abhs. :) Such a great trip all round!

  • Lovely post – brought back many happy memories, thanks!

  • I’ve always wanted to visit Scotland but for some reason I did not make it there yet. It looks like a beautiful country and St. Andrews indeed looks like a very romantic place. Lovely post.

    • Thanks Freya, definitely visit if you get the chance! Lots of hidden spots and beautiful islands too.