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The Other Great Siege of Malta in Photos

Posted on August 28th, by Peter Parkorr in Malta, Picture Perfect. 9 comments

A series of rough seas pictures from Malta, that I’ve decided to call The Other Great Siege of Malta.

The actual Great Siege of Malta was a long and bloody affair between Christians from the West and the Ottoman Empire to the East. You can read a great account of the build up and outcome of the events in 1565 on this post by (a website dedicated to Maltese gastronomy, which there is plenty of.)

However, when I visited Malta and Gozo, I witnessed another attack on the islands that still goes on today. Sat deep in the Mediterranean Sea, with no cover from the open water,  the Maltese archipelago takes a regular thrashing from rough seas.

These rough seas pictures are just a few shots of the frothy waters that I took on a windy winters day.

Rough seas pictures and Malta photography

The waves charge over rocks towards Sliema

Great Siege of Malta Travel Photography Waves-5

The financial district sees a crash coming…

Great Siege of Malta Travel Photography Waves-5b

A heavy swell crashes into the concrete jetty of a lighthouse

Great Siege of Malta Travel Photography Waves-6

A dangerous day for a walk on the coast

You can see the toll the waves have taken, with a flattened bed of rock surrounding most of the shore, reaching out into the Mediterranean just below sea level. But much of the coast now has man-made fortifications, trying to limit damage from the relentless forces of nature.

Malta Valletta Bay Landscape Photograph

The sea trying to take over the roads

Rough seas pictures and Malta travel photography

Rough seas come hurtling at the shore

Great Siege of Malta Travel Photography Waves-9

Another wave rises over the hidden rockbed

Great Siege of Malta Travel Photography Waves-7

A Lesser-Spotted Maltese Stunt Gull

And the new man-made protection does it’s best to stop the advancing coastal erosion…

Rough seas pictures and Malta photography

Man-made obstacles help defend the island

If the inhabitants of these islands weren’t busy protecting them, the land loss would be a lot faster. But there’s no denying who will win the Other Great Siege of Malta eventually…


  • Maeve

    Great photos.

  • Wow – great photos Peter! My favorite is the Sea Trying To Take Over The Roads – something about that is just beautiful. :)

    • It was a great day to be out on foot with a camera. Glad you like them Beth!!

  • Love, love, love these photos! I agree with Bethany – the sea taking over the road is my favorite too. Excellent shots!

  • Hey Peter – nice angle and great pictures. I’ve never been to Malta & I’m looking forward to your upcoming posts from the island!

    • Cheers dude, I will let you know when they come out!

  • Great photos. I’m heading there in the new year so I’m looking forward to it now.

    • Thanks! Ah, good to hear it, make sure you check out Gozo too.