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Quickest Travel Video Competition Entry in the World Ever, Maybe

Posted on October 15th, by Peter Parkorr in Everywhere, Video Adventures. 2 comments

Last week I spotted a few travel video competitions on the Jobs board of – and its been a pretty hectic week since.

On Saturday at 5pm GMT, I got the chance to start reading about the WorldNomads competition properly, and realised it was worth a shot, with the prize being a 10-day filming assignment at Rio Carnival. The deadline? Only 33 hours away. It was also the day after my cousin’s wedding, so I was overdue 1 shower and lots of sleep.

The good news is I managed to submit something, whilst also packing my bags for a climbing/filming trip to The Olive Branch in El Chorro, with a travel meetup in Edinburgh first.

Edited in Manchester and on the 12:16 Transpennine Express to Edinburgh Waverly, voice-overed in The Haggis Hostel, and finished/uploaded post the #Edintraveltweetup just in the nick of time!

(If the embedded youtube video is not displaying then you can view it here)

Made from a few clips captured during my last 3 months on the road. I filmed with the Panasonic GH2, and used my Samsung Galaxy S2 in parts, going through 13 countries. It was completely against my usual travel ethos, but I had places to be! I got some great footage so expect more films (that are less jokey) in the coming weeks.

Music is: Jazzhar – “Boulevard St Germain” from

Thanks to the people I pestered in the pub with a few hours left before the deadline, to get myself on camera (one of the WorldNomads competition requirements, I’m usually more shy).   :P

You’ve got to be in it to win it.

Peter Parkorr