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The Olive Branch El Chorro Promo Video

Posted on November 23rd, by Peter Parkorr in Spain, Video Adventures. 9 comments

Who loves DSLR films? I do…! So I went to shoot a couple of my own at The Olive Branch El Chorro…

DSLR film

It’s slick and sexy, with shallow depth-of-field, soft focus, and rarely feels staged because of the way it’s shot. With lots of quality older lenses to choose from on any budget, its no surprise that there are more and more professional film-makers turning to DSLR and micro-four thirds cameras for their projects.

One of the best places to find them is Vimeo, where it seems the best of independent film makers (professionals and enthusiasts) are happy displaying their work. It’s less cluttered with crap low-quality and/or bogus clips than Youtube, and you’ll also find a lot of artistic creations, like stop-motion, timelapse and animated films.

When I upgraded my digital camera earlier this year, I specifically went for an affordable model with a reputation for high quality video results. I’ll be writing more about it later, but in brief the Panasonic GH2 is one of the cheaper camera bodies available and shoots HD video of higher quality than its competitors that cost up to four times the price. It is not better in every way obviously, otherwise it wouldn’t be one of the cheapest options, but I’ll get into that another time.

Suffice to say that coupled with a decent lens, it can produce great quality video, and that’s what I bought it for!

With shooting a lovely video in mind, last month I spent 8 days in Spain at The Olive Branch, a B&B that is a little bit of a mecca in the rock climbing world. I shot a lot of footage in Las Encantadas and various parts of the famous climbing area around El Chorro, but I had also arranged to make a promotional video for the owners of The Olive Branch guesthouse, Mel and Gary. I’ll be making a video about the area and the climbing later, but this week I edited the promotional video, using only a fraction of the great footage I got.

Shooting DSLR video on location is a steep learning curve, especially as there is a disconnect between the filming and the editing. I didn’t get to use a lot of the fancy techniques I aspire to, but that will come with time and experience. So here’s how the promo video came out in the end!

Don’t forget to watch in HD.

The Olive Branch, El Chorro from Peter Parkorr, alternatively on Vimeo .

Filmed on the Panasonic GH2 with the 14-140mm Pana lens.
Edited with Magix Movie Edit Pro.
Music: ‘Summers Coming’ – Dexter Britain

About The Olive Branch

The Olive Branch Bed & Breakfast, Spain, is a small family run guesthouse with varied accommodation to suit everyone. Just 5 minutes from El Chorro village in the Spanish countryside, this guesthouse is ideally situated within easy walking distance of one of the world’s premier climbing destinations, the Las Encantadas crag.

The rustic property and garden are typical of the area and full of character, creating a warm, friendly and relaxed atmosphere for guests. If you are looking for a quiet, tranquil retreat away from hustle and bustle, then accommodation in El Chorro is perfect.

Starting at just €7 per person per night and only 45 mins train ride from Málaga, it’s perfectly suited to people looking for an outdoor getaway. The most popular activities include climbing, walking, horse-trekking, mountain biking and back-packing, but with mountains and lakes all around, the possibilities are endless.

For more information and to book a stay, visit them at;

What’s next?

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