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Monday Meetings – Paul ‘Happy Hermit’ Jost

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Today the Monday Meetings introduce us to Paul, a man on various missions, who took the time to explain the How’s and Why’s of his travel philosophy. Since he wrote these musings, he has hitch-hiked from Catania, Sicily, all the way to Athens, where he’d found a boat to join as a crew member, and then spent a few months island hopping, learning to sail, and free-diving in deep lagoons. Just before I met him, he’d been working in a hostel in Rome for 6 months and learnt Italiano, as well as working on the hostel website with his nifty fingers. I’m sure there’s much more to tell since I last caught up with him, so we’ll be hearing from Paul again soon. But for now, enjoy a little bit about what makes the Happy Hermit tick…

A brief but striking style








Nationality: German


One and twenty

1. Who are you and where on earth are you from?

Well my name is Paul, I’m 21 years old and from Germany. I live(d) in a small village near Hamburg in Germany. Most of my day to day life happened in Hamburg. After retaking one year I finished the german Gymnasium (which is something like High School) at the age of 20 and left home three days after getting my grades. I think thats about it. Everyone will be able to imagine what a lazy school-life looks like right?

2. When did you first start travelling, and what did you do? Did anything prompt your travel or was it spontaneous?

One year before I started travelling I saw a show on german TV called “Ohne Geld bis ans Ende der Welt” which means as much as “Without money to the end of the world”. It’s a documentary about a guy starting in Berlin trying to get to the end of the world, which is Antarctica for him, without any money at all. Of course this whole thing worked out (come on it’s still TV) and he managed to get to the Arctic within 6 months. So I thought “£_(& yea…  if he can do that, why shouldn’t I?” And so my idea of travelling around the world started. I spent the next schoolyear not on homework (not a big change though) but on travel sites reading through travelling sites, others stories, checking out other peoples travelling gear and making money to buy my own. So as I said before, one year later after getting my grades I made my dream come true and started travelling with a few hundred bucks of money saved up and left home. That was 10 months ago :)

3. Could you describe your personal travel philosophy? Are there any rules you stick to or ideals you try to follow?

I try to do something new as often as possible. And even if it’s just eating a new type of food, meeting a new person or going somewhere new. It’s the possibility to have new impressions and learn something new everyday which separates the travellers life from the normal one.

4. What is your number one tip for new and experienced travellers alike?

Showering with your socks on does not make them clean…

5. Do you want to travel more in the future? Where do you want to go and what are you thinking of doing?

I am currently travelling and I plan on doing so until I reach my home again. I can’t predict how much time that may take though. The plan is to always go kind of east (of course north and south as well) but never to the west.

Paul’s shot ‘Night in Istanbul’ from his Flickr

6. What do you most like about travelling, and why do you travel?

I think I will refer to my personal philosophy on that one :) I say I am stupid and don’t know anything. So I have to go out and try to learn, see and enjoy my life as much as possible.

7. What has been your favourite journey or travel experience to date?

The fact that travelling the way I imagined actually works!

8. What is your favourite way to travel?

All of them! hitchhiking through northern Europe, sailing around the seas, hiking through the mountains, driving on a motorbike through America, always having your tent with you, always being able to just stop and make a home, no matter whether you are alone or with loads of people. Being free to stop wherever and whenever you want.

Inspirational stuff, and certainly requires guts and thinking on your feet. To keep up with Pauls latest location and adventures, follow his twitter account @ispauldeadyet  (We hope not!!)

He’s not big into blogging, but he has an interesting travel project on the go (more details soon) and having a look at his twitter feed is an incredibly good read. Only 31 people following so far – feels kinda criminal! But then he’s not doing it for self-promotion.

He also has some great photo’s you can browse on his Flickr page from his overland adventuring through Europe.

Thanks again Paul, and speak to you again soon. If you enjoyed our Monday Meetings, please subscribe to the site by email or RSS, and like it on facebook!