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Monday Meetings – Erick ‘Two Wheels’ Wenzel

Posted on November 12th, by Peter Parkorr in Everywhere, Monday Meetings. 1 Comment

Our second instalment of Monday Meetings, where people who take life by the horns tell us why they like to do things differently to most.

This week we meet Erick, a literal road-a-holic, who agreed to tell us a little about How and Why he loves slow travel.








Nationality: Canadian


I am 40 years young, look like 35 and some mornings my knees feel like 50.

1. So, who are you and where on earth are you from?? Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m Erick born and raised near Montreal, Canada. Since my mother was born in Canada and my father in Germany, I have the chance of having dual citizenship and the two passports that come with them. This gives me a little more flexibility when travelling. When I was younger, I thought that since money ran the world, if you wanted to be someone important, you needed a business degree which I got. A few years ago, I realised that being someone ‘important’ was not that important so I went back to school to do a master’s degree in environmental studies.

2. When did you first start travelling, and what did you do? Did anything prompt your travel or was it spontaneous?

I was not even one year old when I started travelling. I used to go to Germany almost every summer to visit my family. My parents have always encouraged my brothers and I to travel and at 17, just after high school, I went cycling in Europe with three of my friends for six weeks. I have been travelling with friends or on my own ever since.

3. Could you describe your personal travel philosophy? Are there any rules you stick to or ideals you try to follow?

Because the earth is quite big and life is short, I try not to go to the same place twice until I have been everywhere. The only rule I stick by is to keep an open mind. I travel to discover and for the adventure so I find it important to stay open to any suggestion or occasion to see something new and meet new friends.

4. What is your number one tip for new and experienced travellers alike?

Don’t plan too much! Some of the nicest places to see are the ones you didn’t know existed and that is where you meet the most interesting people.

5. Do you want to travel more in the future? Where do you want to go and what are you thinking of doing?

I am always dreaming of my next trip. There are still around 150 countries I haven’t seen yet. I would like to go east from Albania on my next trip and cross Greece, Turkey and cycle the silk road to China.

The Road to Kyzul-Kum

6. What do you most like about travelling, and why do you travel?

I travel to discover and discovering is what I like most about travelling. The pleasure comes meeting new friends, both locals and fellow travelers, tasting new food, seeing natural wonders and trying new things.

7. What has been your favourite journey or travel experience to date?

My favourite journey is always the one I just completed. I just came home from eight months on the road cycling across 17 countries in Europe and North Africa and I was amazed every day, from Norway to Malta and Estonia to Gibraltar.

8. And last but not least, what is your favourite kind of travel?

One of the best ways of travelling is on a bicycle. It is just fast enough to get you around and just slow enough for you to really see the scenery. You also get to see the small towns between the big cities and spend time with other travellers on rest/rainy days. The only drawback is that you need time. Not having enough time to travel on my bike doesn’t stop me though and any kind of travel is a good kind of travel – climbing a mountain in the Caucasus or spending the week in Barcelona.

We also love travelling by bike here at Travel Unmasked. It takes more preparation and time, but adds so many other positives that you shouldn’t even think twice about it.  A big thank you to Erick for answering our questions and telling us about his impressive travels. To read more about his latest adventures, you can follow his blog (in French) at

Do you enjoy Monday Meetings? Let us know who you would like to see featured in future!

Erick, On The Road to Everywhere