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About Sponsored Content on Travel Unmasked

No-Bias, Guaranteed

This page is about the Travel Unmasked No-Bias Guarantee, and explains what sponsored content is.

If any content published here has been sponsored, it means I received something in return for publishing it. It could be complimentary accommodation, products, travel expenses, or payment. Any sponsored posts or videos on the site are marked clearly, with links to the sponsors.

In blogging and new media, people ask how impartial you can be when accepting things in exchange for talking about it. It’s a good point. It’s one of the first questions I asked about blogging too.

I only agree to cover sponsored content on the basis that I am completely free to say what I think about it. Honesty is essential when I blog, whether I’ve received freebies or not, because it’s important to people reading the site. Trust is an issue in all forms of publishing. If you don’t trust the publisher, then it’s hard to value what they publish. Part of the reason I spend time and money running this site, is to turn it into a small business. There are lots of ways I can do that, by providing quality information and services, without being anybody’s yes man. But remaining honest is the only way Travel Unmasked is sustainable in the long run.


So rest-easy as you browse the site, because to prove my commitment to the whole truth, I’m offering a worldwide, lifetime guarantee of No Bias across everything I do. The first of its kind!

I won’t sugar-coat my opinions about places or businesses. I won’t mention the good and conveniently forget the bad. I definitely won’t recommend anything I wouldn’t be happy with myself, and often I’ll give you the reasons for my choice. I won’t be biased, even if people want to give me cold hard cash. I’ll still take the cash, in exchange for providing them with photography, videography or social media content, but only if they agree that I’ll report the real experience I had.

The No-Bias Guarantee has such rigorous standards that to date it has only been awarded to one website. (I know you know what I did there.)

You can also request a print version of the No-Bias Guarantee to be delivered to you, anywhere in the world. Until I get bored of that. If you have any questions about impartiality, bias or anything else, just get in touch.

Thanks for reading Travel Unmasked – No Bias, Guaranteed.