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Who is Peter Parkorr?

Peter Parkorr

“Part man – part myth”

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Sometimes, I’m Peter Parkorr

So who is the real Peter Parkorr? Is Peter Parkorr a real name…?

It’s complicated.

Peter is my middle name, and Parkorr is a made up surname. He started life in 2011 as a pseudonym for writing the blog Shock And Orr. Having a lot in common with Travel Unmasked, it is one man’s progress in living his dreams, that dream being ‘to uninstall the day job, upgrade to a foreign platform, and like things more’.

I decided to blog under a pseudonym so I could openly talk about my finances or other sensitive topics without having to worry about identity theft. Or embarassment. Or stalkers. I hope it doesn’t offend you (especially you, stalkers.)

‘A rose by any other…’ as they say.

But since his invention, Peter Parkorr has been growing. Now, he’s several people, and no people at all. He’s an idea embodied, a ghost that leaves fingerprints, and a lifestyle vigilante in four corners of the world.

Being Peter Parkorr is a lot of fun, and you’re welcome to join in too. Part man, part myth, there doesn’t have to only be one.

So while you can’t entirely meet Peter Parkorr, I like to think there’s a bit of him in all of us. He’s the instinct behind heroic moments, and the fire in your heart that won’t let you give up. He’s a self-fulfilling prophecy, and a master in the art of timing. He has powerful vision, incredible hindsight, and occasionally… the luck of the gods.

What the name Peter Parkorr means.

This is where you find out I am a keen nameologist.

  • Peter Parker is Spiderman. He’s a photographer, a secret superhero, a vigilante, loves to climbing. Check.
  • Parkour is the urban sport also known as freerunning. With origins in military obstacle courses, the challenge is to swiftly and smoothly overcome obstacles in your path. Parkour is also an attitude to life, much like the martial arts that it has many things in common with.
  • Lieutenant Orr is a kooky character from Catch 22, the anti-war novel written by Joseph Heller and origin of the famous phrase. He confounds his co-pilots with outlandish efforts towards his personal mission; to escape the insanity of their situation.

It’s all about challenge – challenging your beliefs, challenging your limits, maybe even challenging your fate. But one thing is certain.

The more you challenge yourself, the more you get to know the superhero within.

Dramatic movie-quote parody;

“The greatest trick we ever pulled, is convincing ourselves the real world doesn’t exist…
But just like that… *phuhhh* …it’s undone”


So, could you be Peter Parkorr too?

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If you didn’t get the movie reference, Verbal Kint could most definitely be Peter Parkorr. Go watch.
Update: I don’t condone Spacey’s recent news-busting behaviour or anything else related to the #MeToo movement.