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Interested in contributing to Travel Unmasked?

Road warriors, street snappers, and agents of self-aimed anarchy abroad are welcome to get in touch, if you’d like to share a travel blog guest post that fits one of our themes;

What. What are the long-term travellers doing out in far-flung corners of the globe? What do they eat and drink? What do they see?

Where. Where did the climate and the culture test you beyond your ‘limits’? Where did you meet amazing friends on the road? Where have you settled for a while, and nearly never left?

Who. Who are these indelible personalities that wander the dusty earth in search of something? Who lives out there in that place with an unpronouncable name?

How, how?? The chant of the would-be traveller that hasn’t taken the plunge yet. How do you stay on the road so long? How can you afford to live? How do you stay safe, and how do you ‘keep calm and carry on’?

And finally, Why. Why do the globally unrestful travel? Why go somewhere the guide-book doesn’t even mention, or why should you be interested in places so far from home?


Our Aims

We’re not trying to catalogue everything ever, but to encourage people to get out there and have their own adventures. Thankfully the world is large and diverse – even with a 1000 prolific writers and photographers, there will always be lots more to discover, and unique experiences to savour. So we are looking for quality contributions of words or photography, or both.

There isn’t a strict format that we adhere to – the article should just do the topic justice, and not be too broad. Your own topic ideas are welcome, or we can suggest topics that are suitable.

Get in touch using the contact form below, or via one of our many social media channels. We will get back to you in short order to discuss working together. You receive full credit for your work, with any links to where you reside in cyber space too.

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