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Connect With Peter Parkorr

All the places you can connect with Peter Parkorr online! Ahhh, social media…

The most direct way to contact me is to send an email to ‘peter {at} travelunmasked {dot} com‘. Alternatively you can use the Contact form on my Contribute page.

Facebook Page – Like Travel Unmasked on Facebook to see great travel pictures, videos and interesting links.

YouTube – follow my latest videos! Subscribe to my YouTube channel, for edited travel videos & short travel clips.

@PeterParkorr – I tweet about travel & photography from myself and others, plus #art, #design, and more.

GooglePlus – an under-rated social network in my opinion. Join in! and contact me here.

Instagram – travel photos and curios from the road, taken & edited on my smartphone.

Pinterest – Boards with practical kit for travellers, inspirational writers and great travel videos.

Vimeo – just my edited travel videos added here, and see my favourites from other creators

Couchsurfing – my profile on this great site for travellers. Can I sleep on your sofa please?

Goodreads – a social network entirely devoted to bookwormery. What are you reading? – as I listen to my very ‘eclectic’ music on the go, it syncs with the site & means you can listen to my playlist anytime too.

I may also be spotted lurking on other sites and services, get in touch if you are there too    :)